ECUADOR – Mindo: The Town with Two Personalities

Looking for a location in Ecuador that’s peaceful and safe, quiet and tranquil and adorned with undisturbed jungle and Instagram-able vegan cafes? Or are you instead seeking a place to zip-line over death defying heights, canyon down waterfalls and party until 5am in loud salsa bars? Both roads will lead you to Mindo. This town’s bipolar facade is guaranteed to make Mindo your favourite place on the equator, with both the thrill of adrenaline activities and the tranquility of this beautiful, little town.

Where we stayed: Casa de Cecilia (my rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

What to eat: The pizzeria in Mindo is amazing, they make all their pizzas fresh and cook them before your eyes in the open stone oven – plus the garlic bread is delicious and the perfect drunk food (talking from experience here…)

What to do: I’d strongly recommend ziplining with the company Mindo Canopy Adventures – they’re the best company and it’s only $20 for a full day of ziplining over stunning Ecuadorian jungle with fully certified guides and even includes the terrifying Tarzan swing, a.k.a being pushed off a ridiculously high ledge to free fall a few meters before you start swinging into jungle glory.

Top tip: If you do go ziplining, make sure you wear insect repellent. The Mosquitos aren’t a problem during the day but the sand flies around the zipping course are savage and will make your legs look like a disease demonstration. I learnt this the hard way when I was last ziplining in Mindo three years ago on this same course. 🐜


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