ECUADOR – Baños: Swing off the End of the World in Ecuador’s Adventure Town

Swallowed by the surrounding mountains like a city inside a crater hole sits Ecuador’s answer to fun: Baños. There is never a dull moment here with plenty of crazy things to do and see: Jeeps to hire for open-air drives around the mountains, brewery tours and bridge bungee jumps, horseback riding and hiking trails, and not to mention the world renowned ‘Swing at the End of the World’. Put a tick on your bucket list by visiting this famous fairground-esque attraction and swing over a sheer 2,600 meter drop into spectacular mountain views. Getting this famous photo is truly worth the four hour vertical hike from Baños. After your trek, relax and enjoy a fresh juice smoothie at the ‘Restaurant in the Sky’ (Casa del Cielo) which has panoramic views of the city and its encircling mountains. Baños is also the perfect place for a good old cheap night out – follow the main road North and you’ll hit the clubbing district where the clubs are enormous and the drinks cheap. While this part of town worryingly resembles a street in Magaluf and Zante, it still offers a fun night out. Or favourite bar was The Leprechaun – a free flaming shot on entry, a fire pit to sit around and three floors of party, what more could you want? Overall, if your travelling Ecuador, you’d be crazy to miss Baños. 🍻

Where we stayed: Hotel Timara (my rating: 0 stars… AVOID!)

What to eat: Kokoros Sushi Bar is incredible if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine and it’s really reasonably priced. The Californian rolls are out of this world and beautifully presented. 👍🏼🍱

What to do: The hiking trails in Baños aren’t exactly few and far between, the whole place is littered with jungley walks and mountain treks. Our favourite was the hour’s trek up to the Bellavista viewpoint where you can overlook the whole of Baños. It’s a tough walk but totally worth the views.

Top tip: Baños is notorious for its bad weather. We were so lucky in this respect but make sure you pack your raincoat and prepared for sudden downpours throughout the day.



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